Using People And Getting Rich

Most people desire wealth yet they ignore the most important weapon they have to make wealth – People. This book is a collection of practical instances in which the author got rich by using people.

Release Date

December 16, 2022

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About The Book

People own all money on the planet. That means the money you want is currently owned by someone else. Everyone will encounter people with diverse and unique abilities from various walks of life during their journey on Earth. People will come into your life at various periods and seasons. One issue that has perplexed many is the inability to employ people to attain goals.

You can use everyone around you to help you reach your goals. Every person you encounter is essential. They've got your money. And we're on our way to get it. In this book, I will explain key ideas from my personal experience that will provide you with the knowledge and abilities on how to use people . You'll discover how I Used 7 people to get rich.